[Newsen Reporter: Lee Mihye]

SNSD’s Seohyun stated that Sunny needs to stop acting cute.

In the recent broadcasting of SBS ‘Intimate Note’ which is to be aired on the 28th, Sunny stated, “Many people think Sunny is the youngest member in the group because she tries to act cute all the time,” and “I wish she would stop trying to act cute all the time.”

Sunny replied, “Whenever Seohyun sees me eating fast food, she would approach me and tell me that I will die very quickly if I continue eating fast food,” and laughed, “Well let’s see how long Seohyun lives.”

SNSD’s honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.

Reporter: Lee Mihye, [email protected]
Source: Newsen
Translation: [email protected]/forums