The popular SNSD and a select number of fans will have a memorable date at the Incheon City Festival.

Incheon City Festival committee announced on the 18th that SNSD, acting as public ambassadors of the festival, plans to spend the afternoon with some fans as a date at the city festival venue in the upcoming 20th of August.

From August 3rd to the 16th, the committee was able to recruit participants for the dating event through the city festival website homepage and subsequently announced the 18 winners on the 18th. An impressive total of 26,000 people signed up for the event, with having only 1 out of 1444 chance of being selected as winners in this highly competitive event.

On this day, SNSD will spend the afternoon with the fans at the exhibition hall venue and subsequently participate in a car parade, which is scheduled at 3:00pm. SNSD is also presenting teddy bears and dolls to the fans as gifts.

Reporter: Cheo Seokjang, [email protected]
Translation: [email protected]/forums