Photo Credit: No Cut News

‘Naengmyun’ ‘Ice Princess’ Jessica from SNSD is gathering attention for being chosen as the SNSD member who would best fit the role of a horror girl.

With the horror movie ‘Faithless Hell’ premiering on the 12th, Nate Movie Cizle and Movie Week conducted a survey. In it, people were asked which SNSD member would be the best horror girl, like Sojin of ‘Faithless Hell’. The results of the survey show that Jessica received, by far, the most votes. On Cizle, Jessica received 59% of the votes, while she received 68% of the votes on Movie Week.

For this survey, ‘Little Kid’ Taeyeon, ‘Deer’ Yoona, and ‘Bright Girl’ Sooyoung were also included as candidates. Jessica’s ‘Ice Princess’ image led to her beating Yoona, who is an actress.

Netizens who chose Jessica stated reasons such as, “It seems like she would best fit the role of a possessed person (Park Hyunjung),” “A horror girl definitely must be Ice Princess Jessica (Hwang Ingil),” and “Jessica is both pretty and scary at the same time (Shin Sungil).”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon came in second with 15% and 11% of votes, Yoona was third with 11% of the votes, and Sooyoung was fourth, with 15% and 7% of the votes.

Reporter: Shin Jinah ([email protected])
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