â??Super Juniorâ?? Kim Hee-chulâ??s Cyworld homepage reveals that he nicknamed himself and Jessica from â??SNSDâ?? as â??TwinSicaâ??.

On July 20th, Kim Hee-chul posted a photo of him and Jessica and captioned it as â??TwinSicaâ??.

Through his unique humor, Kim Hee-chul called himself â??HeeSicaâ?? in the posted photo. He also mentioned Jessicaâ??s previous nickname â??Sicalâ?? in the article.

Meanwhile, Kim Heechulâ??s Cyworld homepage background is filled with lyrics from SNSDâ??s â??Geeâ?? and â??Tell Me Your Wishâ??, revealing his close relationship with Jessica.

Reporter: Chun Bookyung, [email protected]
Source: Naver News
Translation: [email protected]/forums