‘Woman World.’ It is currently the peak generation of girl groups in the music industry. Amidst the steady stream of comebacks from established girl groups, new girl groups are joining in and a silent war is taking place. The personality that each group is pursuing is as clear as the intensity of the competition between them.

The various girl groups can be grouped into three general colors. First, SNSD and Brown Eyed Girls (forthwith referred to as B.E.G.) are displaying a mature image while emphasizing sexiness. On the other hand, Kara and T-ara are displaying a mature image through a cute and pure feeling. 2NE1 and 4minute are emitting unconventionality through their powerful stage manners.

We take a look at the 3 colors of charms the six girl groups have with regard to their music, choreography, and clothing.

SNSD, B.E.G.: ‘Provocative and Glamorous’

After graduating from being newbies and grabbing their place in the music industry, the girl groups are trying to show their potential through their music and style, among other means. The concept that emerges from such efforts is sexiness. This is because this concept shows off their femininity and maturity the most. SNSD and B.E.G. are the representative sexy girl groups.

SNSD and B.E.G. have tossed aside the established bright hook song trend. Instead, they have peeled off their previous lively images with medium tempo pop dance and dark electronic music. Both groups have also included ethereal sounds in order to form a sexy mood. SNSD’s management company explained the reasoning behind changing the group’s music color by stating, “We purposely avoided hook songs in order to convey a mature feeling.”

These two groups are gathering interests by using choreography that accentuates a specific body part. In order to display their legs, SNSD kick their outstretched legs in their ‘Hacky Sack Dance.’ B.E.G. link their arms and shake their hips in their ‘Arrogant Dance’ to show off their sensual charm. By emphasizing their hips and buttocks, they have captured the attention of many men.

Sexiness shows through style most effectively. SNSD combined hot pants and uniforms. They have created a new marine look by utilizing military clothing and cosplay. B.E.G. has chosen leather tank tops and hot pants as their basic apparel. Both groups are leaving strong impressions by maximizing [body/skin] exposure and using uniforms or leather outfits in their intense concepts.

A manager at B.E.G.’s management company stated, “Starting with the music, our entire concept this time is sexiness and maturity. We emphasized an urban image to try to express the concept. Instead of using existing formal wear, we used leather and other special materials to refine our sexy feeling.

Kara, T-ara: ‘Purity Through Cuteness and Innocence’

When thinking of girl groups, the first image that pops up is purity. They use cuteness and calmness to emphasize their girlishness. This concept is used often because it is the universal image and the expectation of the general public concerning girl groups. This includes Kara and T-ara, who have activities for the second half of the year ahead of them.

Kara’s lively and lighthearted song ‘Wanna’ shows the group’s inborn bubbly charm. The speed of the song is lively and electronic sounds embellish the vocals, while the repeated phrase is cute and strong. T-ara is entering the music industry with ‘Lie,’ which is a medium tempo song that emphasizes powerful vocals and emits femininity through its calm rhythm.

The choreographies are characteristically calm and cute. Kara’s teaser showed dancing with lots of finger movements. The action of gathering their arms in front of them and moving their hands is lively. T-ara portrays a girlish and clear image using choreography where there is not much movement except moving their hands and legs in both directions.

Both groups’ pure charm is best expressed by the styles of their outfits. Kara shows their characteristic lively, cute, and bright image by wearing candy-colored T-shirts along with dresses and jeans. T-ara members collectively wear either all white or black and white clothing to portray a tidy and soft image. The clothes exude a lively, pure, and innocent feeling.

An employee of Kara’s management company stated, “The existing image of Kara is cute. We tried to show a more mature feeling this time around with the music and the visuals. However, we did not toss the characteristic cute feeling of girl groups. This was used as a foundation so that fans can still see the characteristic color of Kara.”

4minute, 2NE1: ‘Unconventionally powerful and intense’

These two new girl groups are setting up a concept that is a little different from those of previous female singers. They shattered the mold of cute and sexy singers and are currently presenting a powerful feeling using punk or boyish concepts. Instead of trying to be pretty, they are keeping their individuality with their bubbly charms. 2NE1 and 4minute have an unconventional color.

The title songs of both groups are trendy. They use electronic sounds and hooks to create music that is closest to the current rage in music. 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ and 4minute’s ‘Hot Issue’ are true to the hook song trend. African-style percussion instruments and reggae-influenced rhythms, along with 80’s funky rhythms make these songs unique.

The key features of the choreographies are their intensity and power. The overflowing power portrays a boyish feel. 2NE1’s Gong Minji and 4minute’s Hyuna set themselves apart from others by singing and either doing the splits or raising their legs high in the air at the same time. The interlude and melodies are loaded with power by including break dancing and other skillful moves.

The clothing shows the most unconventional color. 2NE1 wears vests with studded ornaments, leather leggings, Lego accessories, and high top shoes to create a mix-and-match feel. 4minute has attempted to create a candy, funky look. Cyborg sunglasses, leggings with holes in them, and all kinds of shirts are being used to create a unique trend.

Jung Boyoon, 4minute’s chief stylist, explained, “The fur and leggings with holes that Hyuna wears, the members’ neon clothes, and high top shoes complete their funky style that stands out. We considered the fact that it is easy for the younger audience to imitate these outfits and that they could create a trend.”


When â??colorsâ? or â??colors of charmâ? is used in the article, it pretty much means â??flavorâ? or â??style.â?


Source: Sports Seoul
Author: Nah Jiyeon Reporter
Picture Credits: Lee Seunghoon & Lee Hojoon Reporter, SM, DSP, Core Contents Media
Translation: [email protected]/forums