There has been focus on actor Kim Jisuk after he revealed that he had a special relationship with Sunny of SNSD.

Kim Jisuk surprised MCâ??s and guests on the â??Playboysâ?? special of â??Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonheeâ??s Come to Playâ?? after introducing his friendship with Sunny of SNSD.

On the show, Kim Jisuk garnered attention for stating, â??Iâ??ve actually known Sunny since she was in 5th grade. I was friends with her father so I visited her house quite a lot. Sunnyâ??s real name is Soonkyu and she was just young and cute, so I would say â??Hi Soonkyu~â??â?

He went on to say, â??I never met her after that, but years later she suddenly appeared as SNSD. She used to be a baby but now I get nervous when I see her on TVâ?, and left a video message asking her for her phone number, which brought laughs to those in the studio.

Ha Jungwoo, who also appears in this episode, revealed the love story of him and girlfriend Goo Eunae, â??One day, I was at cafe with Kim Jisuk and Kim Dong-Wook when 2 women stepped in. Coincidentally, one of the women was someone I felt attracted to after passing her on a street, not long before that day. Jisuk happened to know the woman, so I quickly told him to go and ask for her phone number. I moved away to call her and asked if she wanted to have a quick drink. She met me and we started to grow closer after that.â?

The episode of â??Come to Playâ?? starring the main cast of â??Representatives of the Nationâ??, Ha Jungwoo, Kim Jisuk, Kim Dongwook and Choi Jaehwan, will air on the 27th at 11:10pm.