SNSD is in the midst of being blessed by popularity with their new hit song ‘Genie.’
On top of their musical popularity, their bright personalities are influencing TV shows.

AGB Nielson, a television network popularity investigation organization, recorded that ‘Hello Baby,’
the show where SNSD is casted as substitute mothers, had 1.1% of the nation’s viewer’s on the 14th of July.
This is one of the highest ratings of recent TV programs.

The ‘Happy Sunday’ corner and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ gained immense popularity with SNSD.
‘Hello Baby’ is gaining more popularity than ‘Happy Sunday’ and ‘1 Night 2 Days.’

The show is a success due to the nine members showing their true selves
to do their best to make ‘Kyungsan’ (the baby boy) feel like they are being loved.
SNSD do not have any scripts or helpers in this TV show, thus showing their true nature.

Viewers of ‘Hello Baby’ mention that “this is the best program ‘SNSD’ has been casted in,”
“its a fresh new image of ‘SNSD’,” “We want to see them in this program for a longer period,
showing the baby boy grow for a year.” ‘Hello Baby’ not only have teen viewers,
but young mothers are showing great interest.

The members say that “it’s fun experiencing motherhood.”
Even behind the scenes of the fortnightly program,
SNSD show their love and care by inviting Kyungsan into their living quarters.
SNSD invites his longing parents to their living quarters,
since Kyungsan is unfamiliar with SNSD; saying that they really are taking good care of him.
Kyungsan’s parents are touched by their concern.

Source: Newsen
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