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SNSD decided to focus on group activities rather than participate in overflowing requests to sing OST (Original Soundtrack).

On July 9th, SNSD’s SM Entertainment representative said, “A lot of places wanted SNSD to participate in their drama/movie for their OST’s, but SNSD are planning on just promoting their mini album.” This signifies that SNSD aims to promote acting as group by limiting themselves from non-SM music related activites.

Until now, SNSD became popular among OST singers after singing ‘If’ and ‘Small Boat’ for KBS drama ‘Hong Gil Dong,’ ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘Day by Day’ for MBC drama ‘Beethoven’s Virus,’ etc. Especially, Taeyeon’s ‘If’ and ‘Can You Hear Me’ topped the online music charts, gathering immense popularity.

A representative of a TV station commented, “Aside from the fact that SNSD has a lot of fans who relentlessly support them, they are an idol group who is skilled in singing,” and added,”SNSD is able to effectively capture the emotions of the certain movie or drama.”

SNSD is currently promoting their mini album’s title song “Tell Me Your Wish.”

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