SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ got Plagiarised

SNSD, who has been surrounded by controversy due to plagiarism claims, have found that it was actually the female singer from Uzbekistan that used the SNSD without permission, and have received a huge shock.

The song had been recently circulating around the the internet titled ‘Tell Me your Wish Original Song’ and caused a stir among netizens. The song ‘Ruqsga Tushgin’ performed by female Uzbekistan singer Dineyra was uploaded on to YouTube in April, sparking rumours that SNSD were plagiarising music.

However, it was revealed that it was in fact Dineyra, not SNSD that had used the song without permission.

Universal Music Publishing Group, who own the rights to ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ stated on the 2nd of July that “We do not know who Dineyra from Uzbekistan is, and we have never given her permission to use this song.” and continued to say, “Dineyra’s version is clearly a case of plagiarism.” They also stated, “We will pursue legal action over this blatant plagiarism.” and vented their frustration.

SM Entertainment also released a statement, saying, “The rights to SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ were bought officially from Universal Music Publishing group by SM, and received permission to release it for the first time in the world. We received a demo from the Dsign team, and SM adjusted the song, editing the melody and lyrics to create the new song.” clarifying the rumours.


Credits to: Jo Sangwon [email protected]
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