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SNSD’s Sunny made her thankful heart known to fans who wished her a happy birthday.

On the 15th was Sunny’s birthday and on the 18th, she went on the official homepage for SNSD (Iple) and wrote “SNSD’s Endorphin! Everyone’s cure-all! Person’s vitamin! I’m Energy Pill, Sunny” and “During our “Gee” activities, S♡NE really gave us GEE love”. I know it’s late but…thank you so so much again.”

Also, “The reason I am writing this message as if I’m playing by myself really embarrassingly and awkwardly is bcause it was actually my birthday a few days ago. I just wanted to say thank you so much and I’m sorry and I’m really happy.” She also expressed her gratitude by saying, “As you all know, on May 15th, it was a very meaningful day to my family. So I had a lot of fun and happy times with them. Despite the fact that there were no special events or stories..everyone who congratulated me and is our Sunny (Sunkyu) having fun on her birthday? To everyone who was curious and congratulated me, thank you very much.”

Also, “I read all the letters that were sent to me. I accepted all the hearts that were put into the letters. This is embarrassing but I even cried because I was so touched.” She said, “After receiving everyone’s regards on my birthday,
it’s still a bit strange, but I’m still very happy and it’s precious to me. I should say “Thank You” more often. I’m sorry that I can’t.”

She also said, “The love we receive from fans..We, SNSD, will work harder and prepare a better side of ourselves~
with better songs and charm that only SNSD can bring to you and we will have a comeback! This is how we’ll repay you. Until then, only for a little bit!! Wait for our comeback!! And when we do, please stay by us. Until then, please take care of yourselves.”

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