Jessica of SNSD became the scaredy cat among the girls.

On the ‘Horror Film Factory’ that aired on the 10th, Jessica provided laughter with her dolphin-like cries and random kicking all through out the lesson.

Jessica kicked whenever a scary object/trap went off or whenever she saw things that were suspicious. Yoo Saeyoon told Jessica as she was kicking at a skull, “Don’t kick it, that thing has to be on many more shows.” Jessica really showed a different side of herself during the show.

Also Jessica received the complaints of all the other members with her high pitched scream that resembled a cry of a dolphin whenever she was surprised. She kept repeating things like “Really?!”, “What?!”, “Ah! What do you want?” and showed her weak side upon facing horrors.

Jessica showed her General Sica self until to end when she smacked a staff over the head for scaring her.

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