A new nickname of ‘Gguk gguk ee’ (meaning someone who is suppressed) was given to Seohyun of SNSD.

On the recent show, MBC ‘Horror Film Factory’, Seohyun could not fully express herself even with the help of Tiffany during their emotions training.

As the girls were in their second lesson where they were being taught how to express emotions, Tiffany tried to stimulate Seohyun’s emotions through a pillow fight. She was trying to give Seohyun, who usually suppresses her feelings and is not very good at expressing herself, a chance to really let out her feelings.

However despite the efforts by Tiffany, Seohyun could not become angered at her, and this is why she has received her name nickname.

Credits: Newsen.com
Translation: k_Taevid @ soshified.com