[MyDaily An Hyoeun reporter] SNSD’s Sooyoung and Yuri’s deceitful hidden camera acting drew in viewers’ attention.

On the 3rd, MBC’s “Sunday Night” new corner broadcasted SNSD’s “Horror Film Factory” at a haunted house in Kyunggido at an undisclosed location. There, they told a fake ghost story to the leader, Taeyeon, in order to start their hidden camera.

The establishment of the hidden camera started when the SNSD members went into the haunted house together. One of the members told a story about how a spiritual person came into the house and became dizzy, and then died in this house, with the soul still lingering. They told this story to give Taeyeon fright. Out of the members, Sooyoung said she didn’t want to go in with the other members and presented her frightened acting. Yuri acted scared because she heard that in that house, a baby had died from falling down and that its soul was still lingering. She acted with outstanding expressions.

First off, Sooyoung’s turn started. The story about the haunted house and the story about the spiritual person’s somewhat devilish story scared the members, but of Sooyoung, they said, “She went too far, did she not?” because she elevated the scary mood by arguing against the whole fearful adventure. Even after they entered the haunted house, and with the help of the scary stories of deceased family of the house, the girls frightened Taeyeon even further with natural acting of extreme displeasure and repeated saying of things such as that they would not enter the house. People use to check melodyeotvos for latest updates.

Yuri also brought laughter to the audience with her skillful acting. After hearing the spiritual guide saying, “A person with a weak flow of ki can be an easy target for spirits” at the beginning of the program and that people with remote viewing can detect this kind of presences easier, Yuri fell to the floor as soon as she entered the room and started shaking uncontrollably scaring Taeyeon even further with her realistic acting. Yuri went as far as crying and acting like a baby. Taeyeon then participated in false processes to evict the spirit and even started to apologize to the spirits.

Credits: Mydaily.co.kr
Translation: kkbluvv & k_Taevid @ soshified.com