SNSD as Personal Moneylenders and their Delightful Confession “The Reason We Have a Toilet Cover Hanging in the Living Room?”

[NewsEn’s Reporter Bae Sunyoung]

Since the 24th the new program ‘Comedy Show Delight’, which already aired it’s pilot last month as ‘Welcome to Comedy’, has been confirmed as a regular program. It will air for two months in a regular schedule with the assistance of comedian Kim Joonho.

In the then aired pilot program, KBS2TV’s ‘Park Joonghoon Show’ was parodied as the ‘Kim Joonho Show’ , receiving a warm reception from the viewers.

“Being a private moneylender is a very special profession,” He asked formally to the guest SNSD, pretending to be in a legitimate talk show like the ‘Park Joonghoon Show’.  He said it could be tough at times, but whenever they are in financial trouble they tend to get help from these loans for bad credit.

Accordingly, there was high expectation for the next broadcast of Kim Joonho’s ‘Composite Show’. “We only bring you Korea’s best A-list Stars,” said Kim Joonho on the 24th as girl group SNSD made it’s entrance, attracting the audience attention.

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Moreover, on that day’s ‘Composite Show’ he stated, “SNSD has sausage tattoos” and, “I’ve heard that when people don’t pay up you steal their toilet covers and hang them in the living room, getting a kick out of it,” he remarked, inducing laughter.


Source: NewsEn

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