9 girls that dominated Korea with the ‘Gee’ hurricane; wil be challenging themselves to the making of a horror film that’s planned to be released this coming summer.

Kim Youngjin PD, who is in charge of ‘SNSD’s Horror Film Factory’ announced on the 23rd at the press conference of SNSD’s new corner on ‘Sunday Sunday Night’, “A horror film that portrays each of the 9 girl’s personality will be created and released this coming summer.”

Kim Youngjin PD stated, “The 3 months project for this summer will be a 30 minute long film and a theater will be borrowed to release the movie. It will be free of charge” and “I thought that a horror film is perfect fit for the personality of the girls of SNSD, and all of the members are very supportive of the proposed idea.”

Kim PD continued, “Every week, the girls will take on the challenges of acting lessons and various missions related to casting and finding items needed for the film” and “The member that performs the best will be given a chance to make a testing film which will be distributed to various movie directors to take in diverse opinions on the filming. To raise the quality of the film, we might need to receive help from professionals.”

Also Kim PD stated, “We were aiming for the summer and named the corner ‘Horror Film Factory’, but if the corner receives good reviews there are possibilities that the girls of SNSD will be able to use this opportunity to branch to other divisions of the entertainment industry. The show could progress to fit the seasons, such as ‘SNSD’s Mellow Film’ in the autumn.” He added, “I have seen SNSD work as editors on cable TV and thought that the girls had a high possibility of success in branches of the entertainment industry other than just filming.”

Kim PD concluded by saying, “I haven’t fully discovered all the potential of the girls in the filming aspect. And with the genre being a horror film, we will have to make adjustments as we proceed with the filming” and “We can write the scenario but it might be fun to take suggestions from the viewers. The characters of each the girls will be determined after figuring out the specific appeals of each member.”

Beginning on May 3rd, ‘Horror Film Factory’ of Sunday Sunday Night will air with SNSD having with new teachers each episode who will teach the girls on various aspects of acting. The girls will be tested on diverse aspect of filming and acting. The girl that is chosen as the Horror Queen of the ‘Horror Film Factory’ will be elected to be the female lead actress, and will become a Co-MC along with Yoo Saeyoon, Jo Haeryun and Kim Shinyoung to discuss many topics about SNSD.

On the other hand, Yoona was not present at the press conference due to the filming of MBC midweek drama ‘Cinderella Man’.

Credits: Newsen.com
Translation: k_Taevid @ soshified.com