[04.15.09] SNSD as MCs For A New Corner in “Sunday Night”

SNSD will be stepping out as MCs in MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night”. On the 15th, a spokesperson from MBC had stated that the SNSD members will have to accomplish certain missions during the show but the concrete concept or the title of the corner haven’t been decided yet.

SNSD will start participating in next week’s recordings. It’ll be determined by the viewers’ reactions whether the program will be regular or not.

After “Sehbaqui (Change The World)” changed its timeslot, only “Daemang” and “We Got Married” are the only shows left on the lineup. The first episode of “Daemang” on the 29th of March attained ratings below 5%. The show had been struggling with ratings ever since then.

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[04.15.09] SNSD as MCs, Can they save the crisis of MBC’s “Sunday Night”?

Filming of the new corner will start as of next week.

Group SNSD will be stepping out as “relievers” for “Sunday Sunday Night” which had recently been suffering a crisis.

Recently, SNSD had been chosen as the MCs for a new corner (title yet to be announced) in MBC’s entertainment program “Sunday Sunday Night”. All the nine members will be working together as MCs as they try to catch the viewers’ attention on Sunday evenings.

A spokesperson from MBC’s entertainment department had made a public statement saying, “SNSD will be visiting various locations and will have to accomplish the missions that are given out to them. We are still currently in the process of discussing the details. Filming will start as of next week. “

SNSD’s nine members will be participating on the show on a rotational basis. It will be difficult situation for Yoona, who is currently working on MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday miniseries “Cinderella Man” (script by Jo Yoonyeong, produced by Yoo Jeongjun) , to join “Sunday Sunday Night”.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said, “Since there are nine members with varying schedules, the participation of each member are subjected to change. We’re considering visiting Yoona at the filming location of “Cinderella Man” for the first episode.”

Many are interested whether the participation of SNSD in “Sunday Sunday Night” would be able to save it after recently falling in a period of stagnation. “Daemang” and “We Got Married”, the first and second parts of “Sunday Sunday Night” respectively, both got low ratings of 3.4% and 8.4% after airing on the 12th.

Another spokesperson said, “SNSD is an icon that has a lot of attention from today’s generation. I think they will be successful in pulling in young viewers.” and thus showing his expectations.

Whether the new corner will continue to air or not will be determined by the viewers’ reaction after the first broadcast in which SNSD will be participating in is aired.

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