SNSD’s Yuri, who is featured in K.Will’s music video for his new song ‘Dropping The Tears’, will be on stage with K.Will.

Today, MBC Music Core will broadcast a special performance; That is, Yuri will play a piano duet with K.Will for his new song ‘Dropping The Tears”. Yuri and K.Will will play on a white and a black grand piano, which are facing each other and will have the best piano cover for each one of them at the beginning of the show.
K.Will said, “I really appreciated Yuri for featuring in my music video and now she even accepted my offer to be on stage together…I’m really thankful for her”.

SNSD’s Yuri has been the popular subject matter for her emotional acting in K.Will’s music video ‘Dropping The Tears’.

On a side note, Yuri and SNSD’s Tiffany will lead MBC Music Core as emcees.

Written by Bong Junyoung [email protected]
Written by Park Saeyeon [email protected]
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