SNSD’s Yuri captured fans’ attention through her crying scene in K.Will’s new music video.

On 30th, a teaser for K.Will’s new music video was released and Yuri’s crying scene was in it. Through ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ Yuri’s image was known as the bright, lively character. Recently, Yuri received positive feedbacks from critics for her emotional acting in K.Will’s new music video.

In the teaser, Yuri wore a black dress and had heavy make-ups, leaving a deep impression on the viewers.

“As soon as I listened to K.Will’s new song, I couldn’t help myself but cry”, said Yuri.
She added, “This is my first time I tried out for a crying scene and I hope you guys and enjoy it”.

K.Will’s new song will be released on 31th.


Written by Kang Seunghoon [email protected]
translated by [email protected]/forums