Korean girl group SNSD’s promotional activities for “Gee”, a wildly successful and popular song which broke the conventions of popular culture, had officially came to an end after 3 amazing months.

SNSD concluded their final week of activities for “Gee” with farewell live performances at KBS2TV’s Music Bank on the 27th and SBS’s Inkigayo on the 29th, bringing closure to the “Gee” craze that had gripped Korea nationwide since January.

Despite bearing the burden of having to make a successful comeback after a long hiatus, SNSD had been extremely prolific and active across every variety and music programs in this period, and these 3 months can be rightfully deemed as the golden age of SNSD.

SNSD said when interviewed by reporters at Music Bank on the 27th, “It felt like almost yesterday when we first revealed ‘Gee’ to everyone, and now it’s already our final performance. We will miss the days we had promoting ‘Gee’, but we won’t regret the past few months. Being on all the stages and shows was almost like a dream to us, and we were really very happy.”

To fans who will be dearly missing SNSD during their upcoming hiatus, the girls said, “We will be returning soon to the stage with a brand new image, and we promise that we won’t make the fans wait too long.”

When asked about the “Gee” craze which rocked the Korean music industry, the girls replied, “We were also very amazed, but at the same time we felt that great burden of responsibility to account towards fans of our music.”

The girls added that they will be coming back with their next album which will be even better and more anticipated than “Gee”. “As our fans expect more and more from us, we will work harder and harder to present our best to everyone,” the girls concluded.

Credits: newsen.com

Translation: 小传说@kimtaeyeon.cn and [email protected]

And so today marks the end of the girls’ wonderful journey with “Gee” since January. After watching and hearing the girls so often for these 3 months, I must say it had been really memorable getting to know them better. I’ll definitely be one of those fans missing them dearly on stage, but I know that the girls deserve a nice long break after working so hard. Till they return, greater and better than ever, soshi hwaiting!~