Jessica, member of girl group SNSD, saying that she is “very satisfied with how she looks after a shower” has become a topic of conversation.

On the recording of MBC’s “Come To Play” programme, Jessica unabashedly revealed that she looks the prettiest after a shower, attracting the attention of those around. During the Come To Play “Girls Special”, Jessica said, “After a shower, when I come out with a towel wrapped around me, I look the prettiest.”

To this, fellow member Sooyoung said, “No wonder you don’t put on your clothes right after you shower”, which shocked/surprised all the others on the show.

Other member Taeyeon said, “When the handphone flash is at its brightest, I feel that I look prettiest in those pictures”, her strange answer causing everyone to laugh.

Recently the girls have revealed when they feel they look their best, entertaining those around them.

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