KARA successfully entered into the fierce and oftentimes scary competition amongst the girl groups and is now rightly considered as one of the ‘Big 3’. And because of this, they oftentimes get compared to the Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation. But being active at around the same time, they are fans of each other, and KARA has their own unique appeal that is incomparable to that of the others.

>KARA’s charm that is different from that of Wonder Girls and Girls Generation is?

“Nowadays, the girl groups are all cute and bright, but the charm that is uniquely KARA is our being very physically active, liveliness and the comfortable feeling that we give off. But of course we’re not saying that the other groups don’t also have these attributes” (Laughter)

>I’m sure you hear a lot of comparing

(Gyuri) We do get conscious because of the constant comparing, given that they see our groups as in competition with one another. But we are all good friends.. Of course, amongst the fans, there may be rivalry and competition, but we are fans of each other and we consider each other as good colleagues. We enjoy their music and we even sing along to it. I know that there’s a lot to learn from these friends.

>What do you think is the strength of Girls Generation? And the Wonder Girls?

(Gyuri) There are too many. (Laughter) For Girls Generation, how do I say it.. They just look very clean and crisp. Of course, it goes without saying that they’re cute and bright. For the Wonder Girls, they are cute, and at the same time, they are able to give off a sexy vibe. I think all of us have charms that are a bit different from one another.

source: MK NEWS LINK
thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic