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New Korean boy group Jumper’s Park Dongmin has shown off his impressive ability to sing.

On the 11th, Dongmin was invited to MBC FM4U Kangin’s and Taeyeon’s ChinChin Radio Show where he performed his maiden live rendition of VOS’s song, ‘Half’.

Dongmin, who is more well known as the rapper of Jumper, impressed not just Kangin and Taeyeon with his unexpectedly stable live performance but the audience present as well.

After the performance, Taeyeon commented that Dongmin’s voice sounded sweet and soothing. She even made a pun with Jumper, asking whether she could sit at the half of the studio closer to them before bursting into laughter. Kangin added that the contrast between the usually powerful voices of Jumper with their sweet rendition of VOS’s Half was indeed refreshing for a change.

The audience was also impressed with Jumper, with messages sent to the radio show such as “I didn’t expect a rapper to sing so well”, “This is the first time I’ve heard them and they sound impressive” and “Such sweet voices different from their usual rapping style”.

2 members of Jumper, produced by Shinhwa’s Andy, also demonstrated their individual talents by singing ‘Love Song’, garnering widespread positive response from netizens.


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