SNSD’s Tiffany honestly revealed that she had received Cheon Jeongmyeong’s request for her signature. During the recording of KBS2TV ‘Ssang Ssang Plus (Imagination Plus) Season 2’ show, Tiffany said, “Not too long ago I received a request for my signature from the army through people I know, and the person requesting was Cheon Jeongmyeong.”

“I found it hard to believe that Jeongmyeong wanted my signature and just felt so overwhelmed when signing,” she continued, “An artiste who belonged to the same production company and acted alongside him in the movie ‘A Frozen Flower’ had even received Jo Inseong’s signature request through him.”

Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung were also present at the ‘Ssang Ssang Plus Season 2’ recording. Together with Tiffany, they made many honest revelations during the show, such as So Jiseob and Jo Inseong being the most talked-about male actors amongst SNSD recently. The ‘Ssang Ssang Plus Season 2’ episode featuring SNSD is set to air on the 10th.


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