SNSD will be making a surprise appearance on MBC’s Infinity Challenge which will air on the 7th.

During the recording of the Infinity Challenge Women’s Day Special ‘What women wants’, SNSD together with the Infinity Challenge members decided that understanding what women are thinking deep-down in their hearts will reveal what they really want. They then split up into 5 man teams, each consisting of 2 Infinity Challenge members and 3 SNSD members, to fulfil their missions on the streets. The first group was made up of Park Myungsoo, Yoo Jaesuk, Jessica, Yuri and Taeyeon; the second group was made up of Jung Hyungdon, Jung Junha, Sooyoung, Sunny and Hyoyeon; Junjin, No Hongchul, Yoona, Seohyun and Tiffany made up the last group.

Infinity Challenge and SNSD went straight to the streets, and gave their all in order to understand what the women they bumped into wanted.

On the other hand, Park Myungsoo’s Giant Star Show which aired one and a half year ago has been revived, with SNSD making an appearance. SNSD’s cute songs and dance captured the hearts of the ahjussi fans in the show, namely Park Myungsoo himself, Yoo Jaesuk, No Hongchul, Jung Hyungdon, Jung Junha and Junjin.


Translation: 密阳朴夫人@junjin百度吧 and