SNSD’s Tiffany and Jessica appeared on cable satellite Arirang TV’s “Pops in Seoul”

Tiffany and Jessica appeared in a segment “In the booth with” which is a radio show in a talk show format. They had a friendly conversation with their close senior (from SM), Isak.

Jessica and Tiffany had introduced the new album, talked about episodes with fellow SNSD members, as well as answered questions asked by fans. It had been a fun filming because of the girls’ fresh looks.

Similar to Isak, Jessica and Tiffany had studied in the Foreign High School and they conversed in fluent English on the show. Tiffany said that comparing to using Korean, it is more comfortable to speak in English, and all her calculations are still done using English.

Jessica talked about her “Sica Effect” on the show. “Sica Effect” is the cold atmosphere that would arise whenever Jessica speaks. Tiffany did a “Dear Mom” live without MR accompaniment halfway in the talk show, which had gave a pleasant surprise to the staff present.

When talking about their ideal man among the stars, Tiffany chose “Twilight” novel main character Edward Cullen, while Jessica preferred actor Daniel Henney.

Credits: Yahoo Kr
Translations: [email protected]