‘Truthfully, we are really energetic kids’

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Jessica: “No matter what kind of dance it is, we make it womanlike, that’s how SNSD does it.”

Posted ImageWhen you guys won 1st place with â??Geeâ??, how did you guys feel? It seemed like you guys were about to cry.
Jessica: It has been nine months since all nine of us were united. As we prepared for our album, we went through a lot. Thatâ??s why we were emotional.

Posted ImageWere you guys worried about your comeback?
Seohyun: I felt like we were debuting again.
Jessica: People gave much love to us back when we were promoting our 1st album.
However, when our preparation for second album took longer than we expected, I was really worried, â??What if they donâ??t wait for us anymore?â?

“I think we are more mature, I feel like we are new college students?”

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Tiffany:”It was really enjoyable during the encore, while we screamed at each otherâ??s faces.”

Posted ImageI noticed you guys were really excited after winning 1st place several times; especially, during the encore.
Tiffany: When weâ?¦won 1st place, we cried a lot. The moment when they announced we won 1st place, I had a brief flashback of our nine months preparation period. I felt so grateful for those who helped us. We wanted to tell them how thankful we were. So we did (laughs). It was really enjoyable during the encore, while we screamed at
each otherâ??s faces.

Posted ImageYoona, you couldn’t throw the bouquet to the audience very well. (laughs)
Yoona: Haha. Because of my drama filming, I wasn’t fully prepared compared to the other
members. So thatâ??s why I tried really hard to not make them worry about me.
With good results, I realized the importance of our members all the more.

Posted ImageIt seems you enjoyed being with other members on stage?
Yoona: People gave much love when I was on â??Your Are My Destinyâ??. However, it was a challenging role for me, since Saebyukâ??s age was older than mine. But Iâ??m really happy when Iâ??m with the other members.
Tiffany: We’ve been close. But during our long hiatus, we grew closer to each other, like sisters. You may
notice how close we are, like when we are on stage.

Posted ImageI see that you guys have great teamwork and worked hard preparing â??Geeâ??. How did you guys feel when the concept â??Geeâ?? was announced to the public?
Sooyoung: When we were promoting â??Girls’ Generationâ??, we wore skirts and high heel shoes. Our image was womanlike. Now, we are more active with jeans. Truthfully, we are really energetic kids (laughs). So I think this concept suits us well.
Tiffany: Our outfits for the 1st album had intricate designs. Back then, we thought it would be
cool to wear jeans. Now that we are wearing jeans, we run around happily with bright expressions.

Posted ImageI think the â??Geeâ?? concept reflects how SNSD changed during a nine months absence. You guys are trendier and more mature.
Taeyeon: â??Kissing Youâ?? and â??Girls’ Generationâ? were just cute, you know? We had like little bear accessories. Now, I feel like weâ??re new college students.
Tiffany: Itâ??s exactly one year since then. Back then, I felt like I was a high school student. Now, I feel like Iâ??m a college student. I donâ??t find it awkward when I dance along to â??Kissing Youâ??. Thing is, it feels like we sang that song a long time ago.

â??Did we had a crush on someone? Of courseâ?.
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Yuri:”We even used our imaginations to describe the feel of ‘So bright So bright, My eyes are blinded’ “.

Posted ImageStill, donâ??t you think the lyrics in â??Geeâ?? greatly emphasize cuteness?
Taeyeon: At first, I thought â??Geeâ?? was too childish. But I changed my mind when I realized the lyrics flowed
smoothly with the melody of the song.
Yuri: Compared to the lyrics in previous songs, lyrics in â??Geeâ?? are more directly how one would feel when they see someone they like. It reminded me how I felt when that happened to me.

Posted ImageDid that happen to any of you guys?
Hyoyeon: A crush? Yes, of course.
Sooyoung: We’ve all had a crush. Wellâ?¦except maknae (laughs)
Seohyun: I’ve never had a crush. (laughs)

Posted ImageHowever, not everyoneâ??s really like that, if they have a crush *referring to the part â??So bright so bright My eyes are blinded*
Hyoyeon: I think â??Geeâ?? is about how one feels when they have a crush. He/she doesnâ??t know you, but you secretly like him/her. Donâ??t you think your eyes will be blinded by that? Well, Iâ??m sure that wonâ??t happen when you actually date someone. (laughs)

Posted ImageEach member has a distinct part in â??Geeâ??. I think you guys have to really concentrate when itâ??s your turn to sing and show people who you are at that instant.
Sooyoung: Yup. Each member quickly takes turn and sings. Next, another member comes up and sings. Consequently, this incites audienceâ??s curiosity over who will sing next. With this kind of mood, we have to really show people our charms quickly. For example, if Seohyun sings really well in the beginning, then I have sing as good as her; also, I canâ??t be louder than her. If I were to sing my part weakly, then there would be a clear distinction among members of who did well and who didnâ??t do well.

Posted ImageIs that why you guys practice a lot, singing and dancing?
Seohyun: During our 1st album promotion days, we just worked hard. Now, I have a bigger vision for our future performances. Back then we would sing well but our facial expression were kind of weird. So we need to
improve on that.

Posted ImageWhen you guys were preparing for the â??Geeâ?? dance, were they any particular moves, which you guys practiced more?
Jessica: I think we need to have the appropriate facial expression that matches our body lines. No matter what kind of dance it is, there is always a way to make it womanlike. I think thatâ??s SNSDâ??s strong point.
Hyoyeon: Whenever I practice, I always focus on the body lines. Iâ??m confident in manly dancing, but when it comes to sexy dances umâ?¦(points to Sooyoung) kids who have long body lines look pretty. I do my best to bring out the feel of the dance.

Written by Kang Myungseuk ([email protected])
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We sometimes have fights, but since we are like sisters, we embrace each other and move on.

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Posted ImageFor ‘Gee’ especially, everyone must move together to each beat while singing live, how did you perfect this?
Jessica: We were worried whether or not we’d be able to sing it live, because we were so out of breath… but nowadays, we’ve gotten used to it.
Taeyeon: If it’s the same choreography, we split into groups of three and practice it. We would practice the rest of the choreography like this. We record ourselves with a video camcorder and monitor it too.
Tiffany: We have no choice but to match each hand gesture and movement together. Because we have a lot of members (points at herself), if one member makes a mistake, it’s very obvious.
Jessica: But we were able to perfect ‘Gee’ really quickly. We practiced ‘Into the New World’ for months and months. For ‘Kissing You’ or ‘Girls Generation’, we practiced it during our promotions so for some, we were able to do them in 3 days.
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Posted ImageThe dance choreography for ‘Into the New World’ must’ve been really hard. (laughs)
Tiffany: Back then, we just tried our best because we didn’t know anything. Our bodies were used to dancing to strict choreography, so when we did this during ‘Kissing You’ too, we were told to put more feeling into it. (laughs)
Jessica: We put too much energy into the dance choreography while dancing to ‘Kissing You’. (laughs)
Yuri: Because we practiced ‘Into the New World’ for a year and we have 9 members, we’re trained to dance while matching each other.
Tiffany: We think of it as an advantage now. (laugh)

Posted ImageHyoyeon, you especially seem to have a strong passion for dancing. Don’t you want to show more of your own dancing rather than dancing together with your group?
Hyoyeon: I’m always preparing myself. You never know when the opportunity will come, right? It has to be good enough so that I can show off my dancing anytime, if given a situation. It’s something I have to work on after finishing our schedules, so I try my best practicing it whenever I can.

Posted ImageYou girls prepare this much for a stage performance, but are there times where you’re lost? It must be hard to sing ‘Gee’ nowadays because of the heavy chants by male fans.
Jessica: There are times when I get upset because I didn’t answer to the strong chants very well. After the performance, I won’t know whether or not I actually sang or not. I would get worried then.
Seohyun: When we sing ‘Himnae’, I sing the beginning part. There was a time when I came in late because the background music was too soft while the fans chanted the wrong beat too.
Tiffany: I then stopped the performance and said, “Let’s try again after getting the right beat!” (laughs)

Posted ImageEach of the member’s fans must be different too.
Jessica: Because we all have a different charm, the fans are a little different too. For example, older unnis and oppas like Seohyun a lot.
Tiffany: But we’re more thankful if the fans like all nine members together rather than one member only. Back then, the member who promoted the most was the most popular, but nowadays, if Seohyun’s present gets sent in, there’s presents for all the other 8 members too (laughs)

Posted ImageSometimes fans go beyond and take interests in other things, like fantasize or conclude on a member’s personality or relationship.
Sooyoung: We’ve seen a lot. Like being called a couple.
Taeyeon: I know it too. Like TaeNy from Taeyeon and Tiffany. It’s behaviors we do normally but fans would make a different meaning out of a single picture and so on.
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Posted ImageDon’t you get surprised seeing that?
Taeyeon: I think our fans are sensitive to how we’re feeling that day. However, unless they talk with us, they won’t know how we really feel. It’s just an assumption.
Sooyoung: Recently, I remember going ‘Huh?’ because apparently… while dancing, every time I leaned down, I made a discomfort expression once (laughs). So a fan bought a poultice for me. But I’m still thankful for them to even take notice of the little things.

Posted ImageFor idol groups like SNSD, people might talk about each behavior over the internet. Doesn’t it bother you?
Jessica: Not really. However, we’re more careful of our speech and behavior. We know that that one word we say could become a huge issue. For example, I won’t feel upset, but if I stand still with no expression, some people would think “she must be pissed”. I usually don’t have much laughter, but because of that, I’ve started to laugh more after becoming SNSD.
Sooyoung: Before debuting, if the service at a restaurant or the server’s manners were wrong, I’d protest saying “How can you act/be like this?” but now… I can’t say those things easily even though I may be right.

Posted ImageBut aren’t you always under pressure then, whether you’re on stage or living your daily life?
Sunny: Every entertainer lives under pressure. And because we have to talk and sing in front of people, what’s inside our heart is important but what’s more important is how we express that. I think we’re used to it somewhat now…

Posted ImageIt looks like you think about what you do a lot while you work.
Sooyoung: You start developing a professional-attitude. For example, if I’m sick and make an uncomfortable expression on stage, people would think I’m annoyed. Therefore I have to show my very best.
Yuri: I think I’m becoming more harsh on myself. It could be an effort to become more professional-like but I try to appeal myself even more on stage.
Hyoyeon: I’m usually introverted, but while working I realized I shouldn’t be like that anymore. Before, if there was something that upset me because of a member, I would keep it to myself. Nowadays, whether it be good or bad, I tell them everything. I guess I got better in expressing myself.

Posted ImageIt looks like it’ll be very tough to deal with conflicts.
Tiffany: That’s why every night, we get together and talk to each other.
Taeyeon: I can’t remember when it first started because we’ve seen each other since elementary days. Then, after we debuted, we started to agree with each other whenever there was a problem. That’s how we started our talk every night too…

Written by Kang Myungseuk ([email protected])
Pictures by Lee Wonwoo([email protected])
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As we grow, I think we’ll show you guys how we change.

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Posted ImageWhat brings up conflicts?
Hyoyeon: Just trivial things, such as who will use washroom first. If I wash late, then I would have to prepare faster.
Taeyeon: As times goes by, we gain know-hows on how we can speed up the process.

Posted ImageI guess members cheer each other up when someone is feeling blue.
Tiffany: Yes! Members give me strength when I am lonely and when something bad happens. I don’t have my family living here but if I am with members, I don’t really miss my family. Because members take care of me well. So my parent calls me first and says “Why aren’t you giving me a call!”. I am very sorry. (laughs)

â??We often send embarrassing text messages to members who are doing solo activities.â?
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Seohyun: â??Unnies protect me.â?

Posted ImageDoesn’t each member have a specific role when you live together?
Hyoyeon: It’s different everyday.
Sooyoung: I was so amazed today. Because Jessica woke me up today. (laughs) She is such a sleepyhead…it was the first time she woke me up since our debut.
Taeyeon: Sleeping beauty. (laughs)
Sooyoung: That sleeping beauty woke me up. We usually have to do all kinds of things to make her wake up, but today she woke me up. So I realized, ‘Jessica woke me up. I must be really late’, and I woke up immediately.
Jessica: Yes you were really late. (laughs)

Posted ImageDoes the leader’s role have any affect on team’s atmosphere?
Taeyeon : Not at all. (laughs) Actually I take opinions from others more. We are pretty harmonious, so no one really takes the leadership.

Posted ImageI watched MBC Everyone1 Idol Army show, and Seohyun checked her wink with the unnies?
Jessica: Yes, she did. She’s not good at winking, so after, she said “I did like this. How was it?”. It’s because she’s so innocent haha.

Posted ImageAny benefits being the Maknae?
Taeyeon: “Maknae on top”! *meaning Maknae bosses her unnies.
Tiffany: She says â??Unnie, don’t do thatâ? to us.
Jessica: (Looking at Seohyun who was coming back from photo shooting) “On top” is coming. Come here “On top”.
Taeyeon: She often asks questions because she’s so innocent. We are also clumsy and there are many things we don’t know, but she asks, “Unnie, what should I do in this situation?”. She’s really cute.
Tiffany: So if someone comes up to her, We’d say, “No! She’s our Maknae!” and want to protect her.

Seohyun: Yes!

Posted ImageHow does it feel to do solo activities? You seem to highly value the group identity.
Taeyeon: It’s sometimes awkward doing solo activities. I think it’s good to have members around me.
Sooyoung: When Taeyeon is promoting an OST and is recording shows alone, we’d send embarrassing messages like, “Think that we are by your side”. (laughs) I guess Yoona and Taeyeon would know the best.

Posted ImageI guess group activities mean a whole lot to Yoona. You were very busy filming the drama.
Yoona: That’s right. It’s fun to do activities as SNSD, even though it’s tiring. It’s different from solo activities. The drama indeed influenced me a lot. For the first time, I took the leading role, and many people now recognize me because of that. And more importantly, it made SNSD more known to public. Some say “She’s Saebyuk!” looking at me, but some others would say “She’s SNSD!”.

â??Song writing, photographing, business, piano.. there are too many things I want to learnâ?
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Sunny: â??I want to study music more.â?

Posted ImageTaeyeon, you appeared in ‘Radio star’ with musicians in 40s, 50s, and are in “We Got Married” with Jung Hyongdon. How does feel to be in a new environment?
Taeyeon: I am more comfortable working with someone who is older than me. In “Radio Star”, I think it went well because they were my musician Sunbaenims. And for ‘We Got Married’ so far I am having fun, because other members often appeared together and Hyungdon oppa is taking good care of me.

Posted ImageWhat would SNSD be like in mid 20’s?
Yuri: At first we were like high school girls, but there are people who already look at us as college girls. You will find us growing up as we change our concepts.
Jessica: Whenever concepts change on stages, it shows more individuality like “This girl looks more mature now” “This girl became a lot prettier”. That’s how we show our changes. When we reach that age, we will change accordingly.

Posted ImageWhat would you like to do in the future?
Taeyeon: Song composing. If I am given a chance, I’d like to put my song in an SNSD album.
Yuri: It maybe a recklessness challenge now, but since I like taking pictures, I’d like to publish a photobook someday like Bae Duna sunbaenim.
Hyoyeon: I think I have a lot to learn in singing and dancing still. I will practice more singing. And sexy dance singers are cool, but there aren’t many powerful female solo dance singers, right? If I were to become one of the best like BoA unnie, I’d have to practice more.
Seohyun: Song composing. I learned classical piano, but I want to learn jazz piano too. I want to learn as many things as possible so that I won’t have any regrets later.
Jessica: I want to study music business. I am preparing a little for the time when I get chance to study. I have a lot of interests in fashion too.
Sunny: I want to study more music. If I continue do this kind of work (meeting people and learn little by little), that would be great. I think it’s best to show ability to where I am only capable of.
Sooyoung: Similar to Yuri, I want to study photography. I like writing too, so I’d like to publish a travel journal.
Yuri: It would be cool if we could work together and not compete.
Sooyoung: Take pictures of each other!
Yoona: I want to continue both acting and singing. Singing is fun and acting has that longing feeling when it’s done. I want to keep feeling this happiness doing both.
Tiffany: I want to continue singing. As I get older, I want to be a singer that has an endless passion for music and stage performances. Anyways, I want to sing until the end!!

Posted ImageLast question. What is SNSD to you?
Yoona : My 2nd family.
Others : Agreed!

Written by Kang Myungseuk ([email protected])
Pictures by Lee Wonwoo([email protected])
Edited by Lee Jihye ([email protected])

Translated by [email protected]/forums
Edited by [email protected]/forums