Group SNSD’s song ‘Gee’ has taken over the music industry. With its lighthearted rhythm and repetitive lyrics, it’s
difficult to forget about the song once you listen to it. Taeyeon (20), Jessica (20), Hyoyeon (20), Tiffany (20), Yuri
(20), Sunny (20), Yoona (19), Sooyoung (19), and Seohyun (19) met up with Cookie Media on the 12th.

The interview consisted of asking questions fans were curious about. SNSD answered the majority of the questions
honestly. Also, Yoona wasn’t able to attend the interview because of a an early morning schedule.

Do you have a boyfriend to give chocolate to on Valentines Day?

Sooyoung: “None of the members have a boyfriend. We’ll probably end up giving chocolates to each other or our
manager oppas this year too. It would be nice if there was someone I could give chocolates to, after making them
myself personally.”

Tiffany: “We would like to meet someone and fall in love too. But since work is more important at the moment,
we’re accepting it.”

What would you do if you meet an entertainer whom you’ve liked?

Hyoyeon: “I’ll run up to the person and ask for an autograph”

Jessica: “After giving them a chocolate on Valentines Day, I’ll look at the person from a distance”

Sooyoung: “I would like to take a picture with the person”

Taeyeon: “Rather than express my feelings to the person, I would like to cherish it in my heart.”

Which member became the most stylish after debuting?

The girls erupted into a laughter after hearing the question. After looking at each other, everyone pointed at Taeyeon.

“Everyone was a little chubby during the debut period. I think all of us have gotten prettier after losing our baby fat
and dressing up with various styles and hairstyle. But amongst us, I think Taeyeon benefited the most.”

Do you get approached by male entertainers frequently?

“There isn’t much male entertainers who do so.” (laughter) On the other hand, if we meet an entertainer we’ve always
admired, we’ll slowly approach them. We’d say “We’re a fan” quietly and ask for an autograph. We would then give
our autographed CD as a thank you in return.”

You don’t have arguments with each other?

Hyoyeon: “We might have a disagreement over trivial things, but we get over it really quickly”

Tiffany: “Our outside appearance might look cold but we’re really not like that.”

What kind of a daughter are you back at home?

Taeyeon: “I normally have lots of laughter but I laugh even more when I go home. Everyone in my family has a
strong characteristic. If I talk with them, I even end up talking in my old dialect.”

Yuri: “If I go home, I chat a lot with my family and show lots of ageyo too. I’d like to return the love I receive
from my family but it’s not as easy as I thought it’d be.”

Hyoyeon: “I don’t talk much normally but I become real chatty back at home. I’d visit various restaurants with
my mother and walk down the streets together, just like a close friend.”

Sunny: “I’m the youngest in my family with a 10 year age different with my sister. I try my best to be nice to
them but it’s not always so easy.”

Seohyun: “I can’t show much ageyo to my parents. Instead I try and chat frequently with them. I usually miss
them since I live away from home.”

Jessica: “I enjoy making bread and baking cake with my sister and mother. My dad would then be happy eating
our food after wards.”

Tiffany: “I’m the youngest daughter, so my father treated me like a princess and loved me lots. Now, my
members are my family.”

Everyone is almost an adult now. What’s the most you want to do?

“After getting a driver’s license, I would like to rent out a big car. Then I’d like to go on a road trip with all the
members together.”


Cr: CookieNews
Translations: ak6c