Girls’ Generation’s Sexiest Member is… “Sunny!”

Within Girls’ Generation, Sunny was chosen as sexiest member.

February 13th, Seoul. Girls’ Generation was at MTV Studios to appear on the show “Class Up.” MC Kangin asked “I know that on stage SNSD portrays a cute image, but off stage, who is the sexiest member?” And everyone at once said Sunny.

In particular, Yuri, who shares a room with her said “When Sunny takes a shower and comes out, her silhouette/body outline is amazing.” “She may be short but she has a very well proportioned body.”

Sooyoung also added “Sunny might have a lot of aegyo, but she’s also filled with sexy charm.” But as the members complimented Sunny, she was covering her mouth with her hands and was obviously embarrassed and shy.

In this show “Class Up,” Girls’ Generation directly gives a class on the choreography and styling of their title song “Gee.” The first and second episode will air on MTV at 7:50pm on February 21 and March 7 respectively.