Soon-To-Be Graduate SNSD’s Yoona, Reveals ‘Pretty Uniform Picture’

Soon-to-be graduate SNSD’s Yoona’s school unform picture has been revealed in her school newsletter.

Recently, Yoona had an interview, and told her life to the newspaper at her high school, Seoul Daeyeong High School.

When in SNSD, Yoona has an image of being cute and active. However, the calm and collected picture of Yoona wearing her school uniform has appealed to many Netizen’s eyes.

In the interview, Yoona talked about her feelings of graduating as a student herself, and also left some advice for the younger students.

Yoona will graduate on the 11th from Seoul Daeyeon High School. Who can attend the Graduation ceremony is unclear. Yoona is currently enrolled in Dongguk University, doing a bachelor of drama and film.

Credit: Newsen Kim Hyoung Woo Reporter
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