SNSD, Absent from ‘Music Bank’. 1st twice a row for 2 weeks ‘Mishap’

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[MyDaily = Park Young Eung Reporter] Group SNSD, who hasn’t appeared even once on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, has taken first place twice a row for 2 weeks.

SNSD, who released their new mini-album’s title song ‘Gee’ on the 7th, has risen to the first place in the k-chart. This day SNSD took the first place against Big Bang SeungRi’s ‘Strong Baby’ and GavyNJ ‘Love Story’.

Last week on the 16th, SNSD wasn’t present in the show unfortunately. There were plans to have ‘Gee’ comeback stage on the 9th. It has been 2 weeks since they haven’t appeared on stage.

A person related to the program stated that it was hard for SNSD to appear on stage. People involved in the media say that it’s related to last month’s ‘2008 KBS Gayo Festival’.When asked about the rumors of a feud between SM entertainment and KBS, both sides cleared, “There is no such conflict”.

Despite the conflict, Shinee, from the same management company, appeared on stage with their songs ‘You are like oxygen’ and ‘A.Mi.Go’.

Today SNSD took the 1st place with their song ‘Gee’, a fast dance song about a girl who doesn’t know what to do after falling in love for the first time. With an addictive melody, their skinny jeans fashion, their ‘Crab dance’ and ‘Perfume dance’ etc receiving lots of love, They are leading the girl group syndrome.

[SNSD takes the first place in the k-chart with their song ‘Gee’. Photos = SM entertainment]

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