[06.01.09] SNSD – “we were itching to come back..”
Interview with MyDaily

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Korea’s music industry is going to become a girl’s generation once again. SNSD will release their first mini album “Gee” on the 7th and will make their comeback after nine months. “Gee” in English means “Oh my gosh” “Oh wow”.

Regarding their first broadcast performance, SNSD said “It’s half excitement and half nervousness.” With their bright laughter, SNSD found their way to Seoul Yeoido for their MyDaily interview, their preparations seemingly done to make the music world a girl’s generation yet again. They showed their new choreography with confidence.

SNSD leader Taeyeon said “Since we’re coming back after a long absense, we’re anxious to see the reaction and so curious about the fans’ response. We’re going through so many emotions”, showing her anticipation for the first broadcast performance. Tiffany said “It’s to the point where we say to each other ‘Oh it’s not long until we ‘debut’.’ We’re preparing and working so hard as if it’s the first time all over again.”

Since their debut in 2007, they’ve accumulated a friendly image to the public. It’s been such a long time that the name “SNSD” hasn’t been active, that the member say “(During our break) our bodies were itching to come back.”

Yuri said that she longed so much to perform once again that “everytime I saw a music program, I practiced”. Seohyun said “It was nice for us to be able to look back at ourselves”, sharing that break time was a a time where she was able to learn a lot about each other. Tiffany said “I learned to appreciate that the happiest time for us is when we are in the midst of our promotional activities. Not “it’s not right if we don’t do this” or “I don’t want to do this”, but more that “I’m so happy to be able to do this.”, sharing that the break time they had made her even more grateful.

Their title song “Gee” gives SNSD the same feeling as their debut song did for them when they first debuted. Sooyoung explained the song, saying that “We revived that familiar girl power feeling, like when we first debuted” and Yuri added that “the song expresses the girl’s emotions.”

“Gee” portrays the emotions of a girl who falls in love for the first time with her crush, and her cute emotions as she goes through them. Seohyun explains “Gee talks about falling in love for the first time and that helpless feeling you go through. I think alot of girls our age will be able to empathize” and Tiffany added “If ‘Kissing You’ was about longing for a prince, then ‘Gee’ is about a student’s feelings for an oppa friend. It’s a bit more mature and realistic.”

This is not where SNSD’s energy ends. Together with the outfits and makeup, an easily sing-able song with strong beats, truthful lyrics, and danceable choreography, the song is irresistible.

SNSD said “As long as you have someone that you love, it’s a song that anyone will be able to enjoy as they listen to it”, as they added that it isn’t limited only to between a girl and a guy, but ‘Gee” can also express the love you have for your friends and for your family. SNSD will make their first comeback stage on KBS Music Bank.

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note: apparently, theres been a change of plans, and the girls are instead making their comeback on Music Core and not Music Bank. click for update on sossip