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SNSD is coming back after 8 months break, and their new song ‘Gee’ is the hottest news on the internet even before its official release.

SNSD’s Gee is going to be unveiled on the 5th through the Internet, and the official mini-album is going to be released on the 7th. And the first TV appearance will be made at KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 9th.

However, netizens are spending days and nights to search for ‘Gee’ MP3, which hasn’t even released. They seem to be thinking that there is a leaked MP3 somewhere.

According to SNSD’s management company – SM entertainment, there is absolutely no leaked MP3. Meaning, right now there is no way that you can find a MP3 of the song on the Internet.

Nevertheless SM is preparing for unexpected events. It turns out that they are employing all the possible measures to prevent the song from leaking.

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