In the beginning of the new year, a battle of the roses is about to start in music industry. In the 2nd week of January, girl groups are making their comeback or debut, and clash head to head.

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The most anticipated group of all is SNSD as they are eagerly awaited by many boy fans. After 9 months break, SNSD announced their comeback by releasing a teaser of their mini-album title song ‘Gee’.

SNSD acted mannequins that wake up to life, and displayed their unique charms in the teaser. ‘Gee’ is an English word meaning ‘Omona’ or ‘Shocked’, and also represents SNSD’s cute image. On the 7th, the mini-album is going to be available for sale after the MP3 release on the 5th.

In the same week, two new groups are to challenge SNSD. The veiled ‘Son Dambi group’, After School, drew some attention since Son Dambi (from the same management company called 플레디스) is going to be in as a guest member. The anticipation grew even more because the group includes ‘Ulzzang’ Lee Jooyoen, who made a brief appearance in the show “Introducing Star’s Friend”.

5 member female group, ‘After School’, is planning to release their first album in early January. The expected release date is around the 8th, and the planned first TV appearance is around 7~11th, meaning they will appear in the same week as SNSD.

A new 3 member female group, Brand New Day, will debut with the release of their first album on the 7th. It is an interesting coincidence that Castle J entertainment’s secret weapon, Brand New Day, is releasing their album on the same day as SNSD. Brand New Day already released the M/V teaser of their title song ‘살만해’.

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The name ‘Brand New Day’ contains a meaning that “everyday is new”. Their strong point is that all three members have an amazing singing talent recognized by composers long before their debut.

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