I was a bit skeptical about SNSDâ??s Yoona being the main character in a KBS 1TVâ??s daily drama. After all, she was a member of a top idol girl group called SNSD, and she had close to no acting career at all.

But the worry was unnecessary. The drama â??You Are My Destinyâ? is now averaging 40% viewer ratings and are capturing the eyes of many families.


This is all because of Yoonaâ??s acting. Yoonaâ??s facial expression and talking embraced Park Jaejungâ??s (Hose) insufficient acting and added to the expressing of the situation.

The star of 2008, I got to meet SNSDâ??s Yoona on Christmas Eve 12/24. Although she doesnâ??t have the time to plan anything for Christmas, she look happy just with the fact that the next day is Christmas.

>What would you do if you met a mean mother-in-law like Saebyuk did?

NoCut News Kim Daeoh (NoCut): I am enjoying â??You Are My Destiny.â? I would think that you are happy with the result of the drama, how do you feel?

Yoona: When I am working with SNSD, people that were younger or the same age as me noticed me a lot. But after I started to come out in YAMD, many grandmothers and mothers started to notice me. Also, the urge to work harder comes into my mind.

NoCut: How did you feel when you heard that the characterâ??s name is Saebyuk?

Yoona: I was curious. Why is it Saebyukâ?¦Because I never saw someone with that name before. Ah! There are people in the staff that say to change the name to Night because the filming starts at dawn (Saebyuk=dawn) and ends at dawn.

NoCut: There are a lot of crying scenes in â??YAMD,â? do you cry a lot in real life?

Yoona: I am a crybaby. Once I couldnâ??t cry during a filming and I cried later on because I couldnâ??t forgive myself.

NoCut: Was there a day that was especially hard for you?

Yoona: It was hard because Saebyuk did things that I never did. Such as the eye transplantâ?¦and the marriageâ?¦(laughs) When I was filming in mountains and on the beach, it was physically hard for me.

NoCut: You must have learned a lot from the drama. What would happen if you met a mother-in-law like Saebyuk?

Yoona: Haha. I donâ??t have the courage to voice my thoughts to my mother-in-law like Saebyuk. I think only Saebyuk can do it because she is so outgoing.

NoCut: I think you got better at acting through this drama.

Yoona: A lot of people say that. While filming, I thought â??this is actingâ? , â??Iâ??m getting better at actingâ? but as the end approaches, I feel that Iâ??m back again at the starting point.

NoCut: What is the difference between an artist and an actress?

Yoona: I think they both need skill and hard work. But if an artist can gain fans in a short amount of time, actors and actresses need to do many works and show different sides to gain fame.

NoCut: Do you expect to win awards at the end of the year awards?

Yoona: I want to win so I can give back the love that the fans gave to me.. But since the viewers are giving the awards, I will accept any results.

>So nyuh is so nyuh even at college.

NoCut: Do you have any plans for Christmas?

Yoona: I have filming on Christmas day so I probably will talk a lot with the SNSD members and play. I have nothing else planned.

NoCut: What kind of presents do you give each other?

Yoona: I donâ??t know. I think there are more members that havenâ??t prepared the gifts yet.

NoCut: What does SNSD mean to you?

Yoona: Itâ??s not a lie to say that they are my second family. Itâ??s like I got 7 unnies and one dongsaeng? Since we saw each other for about 5 years, I can tell what they are thinking just by looking into their eyes.

NoCut: You will be a college student next year..What is the first thing you want to do?

Yoona: I want to have a normal college life. I would have to miss classes because of schedule but I want to do my best and make many friends.

NoCut: I guess you wonâ??t be a so-nyuh anymore once you go to college? (laugh)

Yoona: So-nyuh in the dictionary means a female who hasnâ??t gotten married yet so we (SNSD) are all so nyuhs until we marry. (everyone laughs)

NoCut: What is you future goal?

Yoona: I want to do my best in both acting and singing. And once the drama ends, I will go back to my place in SNSD and work hard on the next album.

NoCut: Say something to the NoCut News readers.

Yoona: My energy comes from your support. Keep supporting me. Merry Christmas!

NOTE: The original article said that Yoona is a leader of SNSD (false obviously… contrary to lnkyt’s beliefs) so i changed it within the translations to be “member of SNSD”
Credit: Sosiz.net, NoCut News, FanyLove @ soshified.com/forums