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The fact that Rain was pleased to see Taeyeon quickly able to imitate his “ssp-ha” (breathing dance from “It’s Raining”) has grabbed the attention of viewers and netizens alike.

After seeing Taeyeon follow his dance and trademark rough, heavy breathing, he immediately called her his favorite pupil.

Taeyeon’s dance can be viewed on the 21st’s KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday – Immortal Musical Classics”.

Not too long ago, Taeyeon grabbed netizens’ attention with her amazing rendition of “I Have a Lover” and this time has gotten praise over her imitation of Rain’s dancing.

Even world-star Rain gave praise to Taeyeon who he said had a cute look, amazing singing, and the ability to not just imitate a dance but create her own feel for it.

Rain also said that, “Taeyeon not only sings well, but she can take my dance and perform it with her own twist.” He also made the other guests feel a little jealous when he praised her by saying, “she is a multitalented hoobae” (hoobae = junior)

credit: aseo @ soshified forums