Yoona News Digest~

Just because she’s been missing from SNSD lately don’t be forgetting Sasmi our lovely Yoona~ She won’t be pleased if you forget her!

She has a grueling schedule of shooting her drama You Are My Destiny everyday. She gets one day off a week but any free time she has she needs to practice for SNSD’s new album. YAMD should end in early Jan unless extended again(better not!).

We saw how strong she was in GGTS. Her nickname used to be PowerYoona. But she is a little tired out now :(

But she tries to take care of herself on the set

People love her on the set because she is so polite and good natured. One of her Korean nicknames is “100 degrees Yoona” because that’s the angle she makes when she bows to her seniors.

But she is lonely by herself on the set. Few weeks ago Taeyeon took her out on a date and they had coffee and did some shopping. Sometimes she brings other members to the set – last week she was seen together with Tiffany on the set.

Now, her drama YAMD is the highest rated TV show in Korea.

The magic number is to get 40% because that will make it a “national drama” and will get lot of publicity. It’s not going to be easy but let’s keep cheering for her~

And as a new actress she is getting good reviews!

Another Review

Now Yoona’s big award is going to be the KBS New Actress Award at the end of year.

She can also win the KBS Netizen award and the KBS couples award, these two are voted by netizens. Voting thread [here]

YoongAh~ Hwaiting!

Translations by part09box @ soshified.com