SNSD’s Yuri, Sit’s On Wheesung’s Lap And Poses Like Sweet Lovers
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SNSD’s Yuri sits on the on Wheesungs lap and seemed like lovers.

Yuri recently filmed an episode of SBS ‘Love Generation’ and was speaking of physical contact with men. Wheesung made a guest appearance and was paired with Yuri for the “Sitting on the Lap” exhibition.

Yuri sat on Wheesung’s lap and seemed life friendly lovers. While on his lap she added “Wheesung oppa’s lap is warm like an electric blanket” and did not come down for a while.

During the filming of this episode, Wheesung had to repeatedly jump on a trampoline. At which point his jacket came up and revealed his abs. Yuri, unable to hide her feelings, exclaimed “Oh my gosh, Wheesung’s abs are so nice.” This episode airs on the 13th at 11:05PM.

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