SoNyuhShiDae Yuri’s first date in ‘Love Generation’

[My Daily = Yang JiWon] SoNyuhShiDae’s Yuri experienced an unforgettable first date.

In ‘Love Generation,’ which will be broadcasted on the 6th, Yuri participated in the corner ‘MooJun Dating’ where she followed a date course with singers Lee SungJin, Lee JiHoon, and actress Hong SooHyun.

‘MooJun Dating’ is a corner for couples who are having a hard time dating because of the rising prices.

Yuri finished her date shooting that day after playing games such as eating jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) together, just like a normal couple would.

Yuri had to spend the day with only a tenth of the average amount of money that Korean couples in their 20s to 30s use during their dates, but still seemed to have a great time, eating a plate of jjajangmyun for only $1.80 and finding ways to get into an amusement park for free.

‘Love Generation,’ which was broadcasted once last Choosuk (Korean thanksgiving), will be broadcasted on the 6th at 11:05 PM.

[SoNyuhShiDae Yuri. Picture = SBS]

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Translated by: Daisy Kim @ Soshified