▶ Details

– Content : SNSD Official Fanclub “S♡NE” Emblem contest

① SNSD official name “S♡NE” should be included,
Designs that are unique and something that will fit SNSD and their fans.

② Designs that have SNSD official fanclub name “S♡NE
And matching “Crown” shape.

– Note: You can choose to do one of the two options, or both.

▶ How to

– Requirement : SNSD fans
(You can work with others, but the prize might be limited depending on the numbers.)

– How to enter : We take entries by Email. We will not reply to inquiries about whether your email has been received or not.

▶ Application

– Method : Email
– Date : now ~ 2008. 09. 11. (Th)
– Send to : [email protected]

– Title : [공모] name/date of birth/age/address***
– Body : Explanation of your emblem (free format)***
– File : Attach image files (jpg is a must!! Choose one of pds or ai) total 2 images

▶ Prize

Once your emblem gets choosen, there will be small prize and the emblem will be used as the official logo.
(More details will be sent to the winner(s) by Email)

▶ Winner annoucement

– The winner(s) will be contacted individually.

▶ Misc

– Every right of the winner’s work will be entitled to ㈜S.M. Entertainment.
– There will be no option to waive out.
– plagiarising or copying other’s work will not be accepted,
even after winning the contest, if you get caught, the prize will be cancelled.
– There can be no winners.

Taken from the official page

[email protected]/forums

*** If anyone wants to enter and need Korean translation for title and/or explanation, contact me.