Girls’ Generation-Nick Koon-Hwang Chan Sung, School Uniform Model Results.
OSEN Electronic Article 2008-08-27 10:13

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Girls’ Generation, Nichkhun (20), Hwang Chan Sung(18) becomes school uniform brand model.

Girls’ Generation, Nichkhun, and, Hwang Chan Sung modeled the Elite School Uniform fall season line.

This pictorial had a fashion show concept with a bright, colorful, and, upbeat atmosphere. Girls’ Generation, Nichkhun, and, Hwang Chan Sung, like most fashion models, wore their uniforms throughout the shoot and displayed cool poses.

That day’s shoot, all nine Girls’ Generation members with their own individual charm, came together in style and modeled the uniforms well. In particular, Girls’ Generation wore the luxurious pastel tones of the fall uniform line which brightened the studio.

Models through SuperNova, Nichkhun and Hwang Chan Sung are preparing to debut as a part of a male group from JYP Ent. Nichkhun, a Thai singer from the United States, appeared as an MC on SBS ‘Deja Vu Season 2 – Village of Performing Arts.’ with good looks and cute appearance has recieved a lot of spotlight. Through MBC sitcom ‘Unstoppable High Kick’, Hwang Chan Sung was able to get his face out there. With his tall stature, Taekwondo and Kumdo knowledge, he has a healthy body and modeled the school uniforms well.

One official said “Girls’ Generation, Nichkhun, and, Hwang Chan Sung different personalities have attracted a wide variety of students and we were able to show them a variety of different looks. Because they are idol stars, we can look forward to catching up to the 1318 generation.” he said.

Translation by: skim @ soshified/forums