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On the 16th, SNSD attended the press conference which was themed as “Nexon Meets SNSD” at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

SNSD said, “All of us really like playing games, so we’re very happy to be Nexon’s model.” They also shared stories from when they shot CFs and music videos for Mabinogi and Maple Story.

The event was split into 2 parts. In the first half, the details to Mabinogi Chapter 3: “The Alchemist” were released, and in the second half, the new Maple Story CFs starring SNSD as Maple Girl, the behind-the-scenes film of Tiffany’s MaBiNoGi music video, and the MaBiNoGi theme song, called Mabinogi – It’s Fantastic!, sung by SNSD, were all released for the first time.

Nexon’s CEO, Jayong Min, said “We chose SNSD as our model because their bubbly and friendly image suited well with our games including Maple Story and Mabinogi. We plan on attracting a lot of gamers by the end of the year with major promotions with SNSD.”

SNSD’s CF of Maple Story has been airing on cable television since July 19th, and they plan on releasing sequels to their current CF; Tiffany’s Mabinogi music video will be officially released on August 1st.

credits to Joongang Entertainment&Sports (JES) and
translations by [email protected]/forums