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On the 16th, Nexon held a press conference with the theme as “Nexon Meets SNSD” at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, and released the details on their promotion plans with SNSD as their models.

At the press conference, all 9 members shared their thoughts on being chosen as the main models for Nexon, and they also told little stories from when they shot CFs and music videos.

Taeyeon explained, “I like Nexon games. My little sister is a huge fan of Nexon, so I’m pretty familiar with the company and their games. I’m honored to be chosen as their model.”

Sooyoung said, “I really feel like a game character wearing these costumes and props. I feel like beams and lasers will start shooting from these weapons any minute,” and Yoona added, “It was a great experience because everyone dreams of becoming a game character from time to time.

Leader Taeyeon wrapped things up by saying, “I hope everyone can have a good time through Nexon during summer vacation, and I also hope everyone will continue to love us SNSD.”

SNSD’s Maple Story CF started airing on July 17th on cable television, and the Maple Girl-themed sequel will follow in the near future. And Mabinogi’s music video, in which Tiffany was the main actress, will be released on August 1st.

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