Sun-mi from Wonder Girls stated that she is SNSD Taeyeonâ??s fan.

Sun-mi told the reporter during her interview with CookieNews â??I really like Taeyeon unni. I am her fan. I think she sings well and I think she is cute.â? When Sun-mi said this, Ye-eun, who was sitting beside her said â??She likes her so much that she would go around and say â??Taeyeon jjangâ?? oftenâ?.

Ye-eun has complimented, â??Itâ??s really difficult for me to point out whoâ??s pretty. They are all very pretty. SNSD is a really hard working groupâ?. With a question about all girl groups active activities, they stated “SNSD, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, See ya and etc., have all been more active than before. Before, all girl groups haven’t been that active, now they are much more active, so we are happy.”

Sun-miâ??s statement really catches the viewerâ??s eyes. Wonder Girls and SNSD have been competing ever since their debut and have always been compared. They are both all girls group and debuted around the same time. Even the fact that they are both idol groups from a big entertainment company is similar. Wonder Girls have acknowledged SNSDâ??s excellence and conveyed that they are having a good competition.

credits: sosiz
translated by: minjeong@soshified

it’s good to see that they all respect each other~ haha even Sun-mi said that Taeyeon is cute!!