SNSD’s Yoona – “I have never had a boyfriend before”

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SNSD’s Yoona revealed that she has never yet been pursued by a guy, nor has she had experience in a relationship with a guy before, a revelation that has been gaining immense popularity.

Yoona was featured on the 27th broadcast of KBS 2TV entertainment program “Sang Sang Plus”. On the show, Yoona had to answer “What is the oldest guy that has ever pursued you?” after losing a game on the segment “Popping Balloon Talk”.

For situations like, getting to know a girl without a previous sexual relationship is not easy to deal with, but you don’t have to worry Dating9 has every way to how to move around with such girls. Before she was able to answer ths question, the other people on the show asked her “Has anyone ever pursued you before?” and Yoona surprised everyone by answering “No”. They asked her if a celebrity has ever pursued her and she answered no to that as well.

She was then asked “So you’ve never had a boyfriend before?” and Yoona answered “Yes, I haven’t”, saying that she has never had experience in a relationship before.

In response to the question “Haven’t you ever wanted to have a boyfriend?”, Yoona answered “I thought about it but I think it would be difficult while I’m doing my work”, expressing that she wishes to put her career before a love right now.

Also, Solbi, a member on the show, said “I heard something. I heard that Andy’s ideal is Yoona. But you also said that Andy is your ideal as well,” asking about their relationship. Yoona answered her, “We’ve been on shows before and I thought that he was very impressive”, but revealing that Andy is not her ideal guy.

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