K-pop sunbae Lee Hyori and 10 year hoobae Yoona shared about their memories of performing.

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Lee Hyori shared her stories about debuting on the broadcast on the 27th on the show “Sang Sang Plus Season 2”.

Lee Hyori, who was so happy just being able to go to the broadcast studio, said that she concentrated more on the clothes she had to wear for rehearsal, rather than the clothes that she would be wearing while performing.

Moreover, Yoona also confessed “More than just wearing comfortable clothes to the rehearsal, I also focused alot on looking nice for the rehearsal.”

The reason for this was because during the rehearsal, there are many other singers there that are watching them and moreso than during the actual performance, so they pay alot of attention to the clothes they wear to the rehearsal as well feeling alot more pressure to sing and dance well during the rehearsal.

More of Lee Hyori and Yoona’s stories will be shown during the episode of “Sang Sang Plus Season 2” that will be aired on the 27th.

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