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SNSD Tiffany would be making surprise appearance for KimDongWan Comeback.

On the 9th, Kim Dongwan would make his Comeback for his 2nd album “The Secret” on Musicbank.

To fit the concept of “Secret” for his Comeback, Tiffany would be making a surprise appearance for the Comeback stage.

On the 8th, Tiffany had already seen Kim Dongwan’s Comeback on MNet Countdown and cheered for this senior (선배).

The Brave Brothers, who are the ones behind Bigbang’s Lies(거짓말) and Last Greetings(마지막 인사) are also the ones who created the highly addictive and strong electronic melody for “Secret”.

Kim Dongwan would launch into full promotions for his “The Secret” album on SBS Inkigayo as well as a variety of activities.

Credits: Newsen + Wenfany @ Soshified