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[quote]Kim Dongwanâ??s New Album to Feature Tiffany

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According to Joongang Ilbo, Kim Dongwanâ??s upcoming solo album will feature Tiffanyâ??s narrations.

Tiffanyâ??s narrations will be heard in two songs: the title song â??Secretâ?? and the remake of Kim Hyeon-Cheolâ??s oldie â??Whyâ??, which featured the voice of Koreaâ??s top actress Ko So-Young. Yup, Tiffany is the new Ko So-Young! :P

It seems that people canâ??t get enough of SNSD, doesnâ??t it? :)[/quote]

Lovely! Even though the promotion of the first album has ended, they’re still EVERYWHERE. This is girls’ generation, indeed (wow, that was cheesy).

[s] edit: There’s now a videoclip of Dongwan and Tiffany at the recording studio @ soshistalker. The video was originally on Daum but they don’t allow embedding .:x [/s]
nvm, watch the video at Daum!