Jessica’s 19th Birthday was “the best so far in her life”

SNSD’s ‘Ice Princess” Jessica celebrated her 19th birthday.

On the 18th, Jessica celebrated her 19th birthday and said that she will be “a more hard-working Jessica”.

Jessica spent time with NewsEn during this interview to celebrate her birthday with a party.

Jessica says “It was the best birthday so far in my life. As a part of SNSD, I’ve received so much love from all the fans” and “I want to spend this birthday with my fans so I can show my appreciate but because of my busy schedule, I could not. I wish I could have”

She adds “I will work harder in the future so I can receive more love and support from all the fans” and “Please support “Bad Oppa” that Tiffany, Seohyun and I will be singing.”

Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun concluded their SNSD 1st album promotional activities and recently sang on the producing group “Roommate”‘s first digital single.

“Bad Oppa” hit number 1 on the SK Telecom’s Ringtone Top 100 chart within one week of release and is receiving alot of love.

credits to NewsEn and boxclub@soshified