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So Nyeo Shi Dae performance on the 13th April edition of SBS Inkigayo marked the end of their first album promotion after first starting in November 2007.

Counting their â??Into the New Worldâ? CD single released in August 2007, the girls have been promoting non-stop for the past eight months without taking a prolonged rest. In this period, they have charmed many and won many fans from performing on the various music shows like M! Countdown with their hit songs, â??Into the New Worldâ?, â??Girls Generationâ?, â??Kissing Youâ? and â??Baby Babyâ?.

According to the latest sales figures from the Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) yesterday, their 1st album titled â??Girls Generationâ? which was released on November 1 has already sold an accumulated total of 104,092 copies in the five month period. This marks the first time a girl group has managed to accomplish this feat since S.E.S in 2001.

The nine members of So Nyeo Shi Dae has also been active in other areas like appearing on television dramas, variety shows, etc showcasing their charm and talent and winning themselves the moniker of â??Koreaâ??s Little Sistersâ?.

In an interview with Star News yesterday, Tae Yeon said, â??We have been chugging along without rest these past few months. Although nervous, the response to our four songs has been better than expected. All the members are also delighted with the support and love from the fans. Maybe itâ??s because our re-make of Lee Seung Chulâ??s sunbaenim â??Girls Generationâ? song helped endear us to people in the 30 – 40 age bracket and probably others.â?

â??We cried a lot like when we got No.1 for â??Into the New Worldâ? and winning â??Best New Artisteâ? at the year-end awards ceremony. But tears shed then was different compared to the ones when we were lonely and having a hard time during our training. The tears we shed now is filled with love from our fans.â?

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Tae Yeon also hinted slightly about where So Nyeo Shi Dae source of energy came from and their future plans. â??All 9 members including me has been living in a hostel for about a year or more. Hostel life has bought us closer together and we understand each other even more as a result. During our hostel life, we often discuss about problems we encounter in music or on stage and this is a great help to us when we actually perform on stage in future.â?

â??Although activies for our first album has ended, I will continue to be active as a radio DJ. Other members will continue to appear on screen as actresses in dramas or as emcees on shows. But ultimately, itâ??s still So Nyeo Shi Dae thatâ??s important to all of us so we hope that everyone will continue to show their support for our new music and performances in future.â?

Tae Yeon has certainly been busy as a radio DJ and you can now hear her on MBC M4U â??Chin Chin Radioâ? hosting with Super Junior Kangin since 7th April.
April 16, 2008 by coolsmurf