SNSD TaeYeon-Yuri ‘Experienced Sleepwalking’ Shock

[TodayKorea] April 11, 2008 (Friday) 4:40 AM
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“I don’t have any memories of what I did at night”

On Cable TV MBC every1’s ‘PKL’s Wonderful Outing’ Season 2, TaeYeon and Yuri revealed that they had past experiences with sleepwalking.

During the ‘finding the hidden ghost’ corner, when MC PKL talked about her relative’s sleepwalk story, Tiffany and Sunny pointed at TaeYeon and Yuri, testifying that they have experienced sleepwalking.

Then, TaeYeon revealed that “when [she] was an elementary school student, her dad witnessed her riding the elevator down then back up, but [she] does not have any memories of riding an elevator in the middle of the night.”

Afterwards, Sunny said that “Yuri suddenly got up from bed and turned on the lights (in the room) and checked the time on her phone, turned off the light, and went back to sleep; however, Yuri did not account any memory of this afterwards.”

SNSD’s members’ sleepwalking stories will be broadcasted through MBC every1 on April 12, 3:00 PM.

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